We help make it easy to showcase your favorite pieces, heres how...

1. Bring in item you wish to frame to see the frame corners, discuss mounting options, glass options, and other needs. Working together, we can find a stunning solution to make whatever you may be framing come alive!

2. Leave your artwork with us, we will store it safely as we get back to you with a quote, including options to fit varying creative solutions, budgets or quality of materials. We can provide a digital mock up if desired.

3. Once you are happy with the choices we will order materials and frame your cherished item in a timely manner. Once completed you can come pick up your item or inquire about delivery and hanging options. 

Create Something Unique


Come into the Gallery and view our huge selection of frame, mat, and glazing options. We can help you realize the frame you already have in mind or we can work together to create a one-of-a-kind frame that showcases your artwork at its best!


Digital Framing


After you choose your frame, we are able to provide a digital rendition of the framed piece before you commit to the project.

Delivery & Installation


Once created we can offer delivery and installation of your new framed treasure.  


Frame Restoration


Your sentimental or heirloom frame may just require a little bit of tender love and care or repair. Let us help you assess the possibility of bringing the sparkle back to your art.


Digital Restoration


We can repair and recreate torn, damaged or faded photos. Let us appraise your heirloom photo and bring your past back to life. 


Art & Antique Appraisal 


Meet with Alice McAdams, a member of the Appraisers Association of America, to assess the value of your artworks and antiques for sale, insurance, donation or estate evaluations. 

Our Suppliers


We use only top quality, archival, industry-standard materials and suppliers for all of our framing needs. Check them out for yourself.



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Don-Mar Creations 

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Decor Moulding & Supply

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